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January 2001... Pottsville Fire Department February 2001... Ladder 54
No feature for April...
March 2001.. District Of Columbia Fire and EMS April... 2001
May 2001.... Utica Fire Department June 2001.... Gainesville Fire Rescue
July 2001....El Cajon Firefighters August 2001....Silver City Fire Dept.
On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the
United States Of America with hijacked airliners destroying
the World Trade Center Towers in New York City
and a section of the Pentagon in Washington DC.
A third hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania
never making it to it's intended target.
Great numbers of innocent lives were lost in these attacks,
both emergency services and civilians.
Rescue-Net dedicates Octobers feature to their memory.
May God Bless The Victims And Their Families.
God Bless America
September 2001....Youngstown Fire Dept. October 2001...Memorial .. 9-11-01
November 2001....Hilton Head Island F & R December 2001....Hebron FPD