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El Cajon is centrally located in San Diego County, California.

The El Cajon City Fire Department has four fire stations
staffed by 93 personnel that work a 56 hour ( 3 platoon ) work week.

The City of EL Cajon covers aproximately 14 square miles.
It is 17 miles from the ocean, 436 feet above sea level,
and only 16 miles east of the City of San Diego.


One of the things you will notice is that the El Cajon website is much different than many
other sites that we have featured. This is a pure form of a fire department information
and community oriented website, and doesn't boast loads of banners and links.

El Cajon is being featured because of it's outstanding job of community service going
far beyond fire protection and taking a positive role in the betterment
of the community through safety education and charitable fundraising.

As you look through the site you will notice that they have done a wonderful job of using
imagery on their pages and the site is quick and functional without clutter and confusion.

Once in their site click on the "About Us" on
their main page and then an area of the image
and you will find details and pictures about the
El Cajon Fire Department as it is today,
and the History of how the department evolved.
A great lay-out makes navigation easy.

El Cajon History -- 1920s "Rio Speed Wagon"
attained speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.
The truck was equipped with all the paraphenalia
necessary-lanterns, a siren that warns all
traffic off the road when it is approaching,
axe, crowbar, extension ladders and other articles.


El Cajon has 4 stations as shown. (from left #6, # 7, # 8 ,# 9 )
You will find a location description and information on what apparatus
is housed at each station along with area of coverage information for each station.
By clicking on the pictures in their site you may see larger versions.


About the El Cajon Firefighters Association

The El Cajon Firefighters Association not only represents its 71 members in the area of labor relations,
but is also committed to the betterment of the community and the fire service as a whole.
Since 1960, over $200,000.00 has been donated to charities in and around the City of El Cajon funding
such organizations as the San Diego Burn Institute, The East County Toy Drive,
Make-A-Wish Foundation, Little League and Childrens Hospital.
Each year the ECFA commits over $10,000.00 to enhance peoples lives in the community that they serve.


Yes....... they also do firefighting.

Click on the picture for a larger version.
You will find other pictures of fires, rescues, and personnel
within the El Cajon website. Please spend some time looking
around and read about the great job this department is doing !!

Care Card Program
Risk Watch
Earthquake Readiness
Smoke Detectors
Firefighting as a Career

The list on the left represents some of the fantastic community
services and information provided by the El Cajon Firefighters.

For example: They send "Care Cards" to patients or their families
or to any person that was a victim of a fire, trauma or loss.
Be sure to read all the information about this great program.

"Risk Watch" is a unique collaboration between the El Cajon
Fire Department and the middle schools of El Cajon offering a
comprehensive injury prevention curriculum on a wide variety of topics.
This is a great Idea and a very valuable resource to the community !!

The site has great information on CPR, Drownings, Smoke Detectors,
and earthquake readiness which is a very real issue in California.

Take your time looking around their site and enjoy your visit.

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