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Gainesville Fire Rescue
has been saving lives and property in Gainesville Florida since 1882.
The department's 150 firefighters and 15 emergency vehicles respond to more
than 19,600 emergency calls a year. Those emergency calls include home
and business fires, brush fires, auto accidents, emergency medical services, hazardous materials incidents, aircraft rescues and natural disasters.
The Gainesville Fire Rescue Department has a rich history of serving Gainesville.

Gainesville's first official fire station was
one of the first brick buildings in town,
following a devastating fire that
wiped out most of the downtown square.

As Gainesville continued to grow, so did the need
for improved fire services. Motorized vehicles
began to replace the horse-drawn engines as
GFR entered the new century.
While many fire departments around the country
utilize specialized vehicles to handle specific types
of emergencies, GFR still uses the "bread-n-butter"
apparatus for primary responses...
engine companies and truck companies.


Engine Companies, like the ones pictured above, carry 1,200 feet of 5-inch supply hose,
1,000 feet of 3-inch hose and 450 feet of 1.75-inch hose.
They also contain advanced life support equipment, ladders and foam used for varied types of fires.

GFR's tower trucks allowfirefighters to reach fires
by way of a basket holding two to four people
connected to a 100-foot aerial. Towers also are equipped
with 160 feet of ground ladders ranging from an
8-foot attic ladder to a 50-foot extension ladder.
Emergency equipment found on the towers include
life support, rescue ropes, extrication equipment,
saws and emergency rescue tools.

While Gainesville Fire Rescue first began providing
Advanced Life Support First Response EMS in the late 1980's,
they were actually responding to the medical needs of the
community much earlier than that.

All fire apparatus are equipped with state of the art emergency
medical equipment and trained staff in order to provide the
citizens of Gainesville the finest pre-hospital emergency care.
The EMS section of the website contains information on the History, Operations, Training, and Standing Orders.
These are a few samples of Pics

A District Chief responds to all multi-company
incidents and to any emergency requiring
coordination of the assigned companies.
The command vehicle contains radios, phones,
a computer, diagrams of the water supply systems,
and many other items required for coordination
and management of larger emergencies.


Crash 61 and Chemical 62 are the two aircraft rescue
fire fighting vehicles stationed at the Gainesville Regional Airport.
They provide rapid response for any aircraft rescue,
fire or other emergency involving a plane at the airport.
These units, purchased in 1994, are equipped with special foam
and rescue tools needed at airport emergencies.
The airport vehicles, along with other GFR emergency response
vehicles, participate in airport disaster training regularly.

The Gainesville Fire and Rescue website has a lot of information worth looking at. You will find much more than
has been shown in this feature. The department is very active in fire safety issues and training of the public sector.
The website has a lot of information about 911, fire escapes, office and kitchen safety, college housing safety,
and an area with information about why children are curious about fire, including JFS support information..
Take your time looking around their site and enjoy your visit.

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