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2001 Featured Websites and Departments
A 2001 Featured Website at
The unofficial site for the
Hilton Head Island
Fire & Rescue

South Carolina

A "full-service" organization
protecting the largest barrier island between
Long Island, NYand the Bahamas.
Providing quality service to the residents
and visitors of a world-class resort area.

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image to visit

Your entry
point is at the
Truck 6 station

The Icehouse

Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Station 6 (The Icehouse) was built in 1982. The building was designed
to house the Headquarters of the Hilton Head Fire Department prior to the merger with the Sea Pines-Forest
Beach Fire Department and the Hilton Head Island Rescue Squad in 1993. The main force of the Special
Operations Group is assigned to the station and we share the building with the Bureau of Fire Prevention.

When you enter their main page....... find and click on the image of the station
(shown above) and learn what equipment is housed there..... and why it's called the Icehouse.

Some information about...... Hilton Head Island, South Carolina ...
Hilton Head Islandís total population is estimated at 30,000 residents, with
approximately 13,000 additional visitors who travel to the Island each day
and another 2.38 million tourists who visit the Island throughout the year.
There are approximately 25,000 single and multi-family dwellings, and being a
resort type area there are over 3,000 hotel rooms, and 7.8 million square feet
of commercial space, along with 8 marinas and numerous private docks.
For those of you who want a more statistical view of the Hilton Head Fire Rescue
here is a link to the
Official City FD Page. ......Of course the Unofficial site is a lot more fun.

The Icehouse ... Truck 6 website allows you to visit the other HH F&R stations on the island.

Within their site simply click on this button and you will be taken to a map that shows
station locations with links to webpages where you may learn a little about each station.
You will find numerous photos of their stations and equipment on these pages.



A few of the link buttons you will find within the site:

The "Harold" is a compilation of news links and interdepartmental information that you should find interesting.
It includes numerous articles about fires, storms, water rescues by the "Special Ops Group"
and information on recent Promotions/Transfers, and new hires.
The "Men of Iron" contains information about the Icehouse crew along with some pics.
These guys are tough..... I have never seen firefighters that can lift their ladder truck !!.... Check it out.


The "Special Operations Group"
for Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue responds to
emergencies involving water rescue, structural or
excavation collapse, confined spaces,
vehicle or machinery entrapment,
hazardous materials releases and rope rescue.
......... Follow the links to their pics and info.


At the top of the Truck 6 main page you will see a link button to the
Hilton Head Fire/Rescue unofficial web group- streaming video!
I watched a few of these and they were fun. I thought the guys were kind of mild when it came to their
eating habits but it would appear that they don't allow them to use sharp objects... IE knives and forks.

The first time I visited this site I was using a older version of Netscape and it sort of ran away on me.
If this happens to you ... don't panic... let the page load and it is still very easy to figure out.
The main page is set to a wide screen resolution so you will scroll a little if you are set at 800X600 or less.
This is a fun site to look around and they have great equipment !! I'm sure you will enjoy it !!
Rescue-Net is proud to feature this great department !! ..... Stay Safe HHI F&R !!
Take your time looking around their site and enjoy your visit.

>> Click the Icehouse - Truck 6 Station pic at the top of this page to go there. <<