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Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department - St. Mary's County, MD
The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department Website is a perfect fit
for the first department feature of 2002. This website has loads of information
about the Mechanicsville VFD and you will find numerous pictures and articles
throughout their pages. The department also has it's SOGs available on-line.
When you visit their main page you will see the blue navigation bar (
shown below)
where you will be able to select from many cascading drop down menus.
One World -- 2002 Featured  Website
You will be amazed at how much information is available from this navigation bar.
One of the areas I enjoyed a lot was their On Scene articles. You can find them by selecting
"Public Information" .... "Latest News" .... "On The Scene".
There you will find a list of recent calls along with stories about each incident and pics.
I am not going to tell you about all of it........ so you will just have to visit the site.
Check out their apparatus section .... Great stuff there !!
This is a sumary of year 2000 calls. Be sure to check out the full statistics as they are quite interesting.
2000 Call Statistics ...... Total Calls: 606 ...... First Due Calls: 487 ...... Mutual Aid Calls: 119
Average Attendance: 13 ....... Total Man Hours: 7600

Here are a few samples from their On-Scene page.

Squad Crew Extricates One on New Market Road Date: September 02, 2001
Story By: Chief John Raley
Number of Images: 4

Rescue Squad 2 Responds to
Upper Marlboro House Fire
Date: May 30, 2001
Story By: Lieutenant Ronald K Raley
Number of Images: 3
Fire Ravages Home in Wicomico Shores
Date: July 16, 2001
Story By: Chief John Raley
Number of Images: 15

Be sure to visit the History page to read about the progression of this department.

The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Company came into existence on Sunday, November 18, 1934,
at two o’clock on the porch of All Faiths Parish Hall. Forty citizens gathered to discuss ways
and means of obtaining fire protection for the village of Mechanicsville.
In November of 1935 the first pieces of equipment were purchased. Twelve buckets, two axes, a forty foot ladder, and twelve badges helped to form "Bucket Brigade". Though they did not yet own a motorized fire engine, Mechanicsville was officially recognized in St. Mary’s County as Company 2. They trained and fought fires with the only other departments in the area, Leonardtown and LaPlata. According to early company minutes, a fire occurred at the home of August Stasch between February 4-9, 1936. The "Bucket Brigade" had the fire under control by the time Leonardtown VFD arrived. Thus, they were credited with their first "save".
They have come a long way since the "Bucket Brigade" ! !
Rich in History, Mechanicsville has and continues to deliver expert fire protection to a close knit community.
The generations of family involvement are a testament to the special bond shared by the members
of the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department.
The dedication shown to their neighbors is the true spirit of a volunteer.
Take your time looking around their site and enjoy your visit.

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The Mechanicsville website is operated and maintained by Ron Raley .... Lieutenant / Webmaster