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Established in December of 2000,

is a place where Firefighters, Emts, Paramedics,
and Rescue personnel, can share information, resources,
talk about calls,
equipment, training, and life in general.

It is the intent of this site to maintain a professional and casual atmosphere that will make this
a regular stop in your daily routine. This site is dedicated to being user friendly, and will never
take on the sterile file cabinet feel that many other firefighter forums seem to have.

I urge you to participate in these forums however, please try to maintain a level of courtesy
in the comments that you post. Remember that this is a public forum and anyone may read
what is said here. Patient confidentiality must be considered also, therefore when talking
about calls be very careful not to use names of victims, or reveal possible sensitive information.

Picture uploading is offered to enhance the content of your posts.
We want to see pictures of your fires and accidents, but please do not upload images
of graphic or morbid content. Violators of this request will be blocked from the site.

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