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Criteria for Department Listings

The department listings at Rescue-Net are in 2 specific catagories.
USA Department Listings ... and ... World Department Listings.


1. United States URL listing of departments that have an active and maintained web site....(URLs only) *

* Criteria to be listed:

* Active site -------------------(not under construction)
* Maintained site -------------(not a forgotten page)
* May not be a commercial or private site used for selling or solicitation.
* May not have offensive or adult material.
* URL may not point to another fire related site offering web pages.

( ie: http://www.fire-ems.net/ )
(ie: http://departments.firehouse.com/)

* After viewing hundreds of web pages, I have chosen to exclude all
(sign up type) pages from other fire related sites. This decision was made because
they are not real websites, and many of them are never updated after the initial sign up.
Yes, some of them are worthy, however if I list one, than I have a moral delemma to list them all.
Therefore --- Rescue-Net will NOT list --- www.fire-ems.net --- website pages
or... Firehouse.com --- website pages

I Have Read The Criteria And Wish To Submit My Department
Enter your department URL into the USA database
Please consider adding a link to Rescue-Net on your page and let us know if you do........ = Linked site

2. If your department is NOT in the United States ......
Click here to add a URL to the World Department Listings

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