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To Post

A Message


First thing to do is to Read The Disclaimer. There is a link in every forum, and by posting any message, you are acknowledging that you have read it in full.

When you enter a forum, you may post a new message to everyone, or you may read someone elses post and post a reply. They both work pretty much the same. Simply click on the Post New Message link.... or if you are within someone elses message, click the Post Reply and you will be taken to a form.

Fill in Your name (or alias) and... Please show your state IE: EMT-inator

Fill in your E-Mail address which is a not a required field, however if you want to be notified if your post gets a reply you must enter an e-mail.

The next field is where you put the topic of your message. This is what everyone sees when they look at the index page of a forum.
Now you are ready to put in your message. If you do not type anything in the message box, your topic will have the words "no-text" added to the end.

If you want to add a link enter the full URL into the Optional link URL field. Just below that you will find the Optional Link Title field. Enter what ever you want to call the link... IE: My Super Fire Web Pages.

Optional Image URL is where you may put the URL to an image. There are several ways to use this feature. You could upload a picture to Rescue-Net and use the URL given to you at the time you uploaded it. (you must upload the picture prior to making your post) The other way would be to upload a picture of any size to a free location such as geocities or one of many others. Then just enter the URL of the picture. **Read the Disclaimer about posting pictures**

Once everything is entered hit the Preview button and see if it looks like you want it to. If you added a link or picture they should be visible in preview.

If everything is OK then go ahead and hit the Post Message button.




By default The messages you see in Rescue-Net are set to "Reversed By Threads".

You may change your view to anything that you prefer. You may also select how many posts to view..... for example ..."show all posts for the last 2 weeks".

There are a large number of veiws for you to select.. Simply click on the set preferences link and select. Here is an explanation of your choices.

"Chronological" displays show messages simply in the order in which they were posted;

"alphabetical" lists arrange messages, logically enough, in alphabetical order by their subjects; "threaded" displays show messages in indented lists, with responses directly beneath their parent messages. In each of those style, a normal list puts the newest messages at the bottom, while a reversed list, obviously, does the reverse.

The "reversed theaded" display, is the "default" index style of this site and many Web-based bulletin boards, and is the style with which many users are most familiar.

The "mixed threaded" display is a bit of a half-breed; it arranges primary messages with the newest at the top, thus tending to keep newer messages toward the top of the page, but arranges responses with the newest at the bottom, thus preserving a more "intuitive" threading structure.

"Compressed" displays show on the main index page only the first message of each thread; responses are available only by going to the primary message's page. This keeps the index page a bit smaller, but also, of course, makes the responses a bit more difficult to access.

These last two are not good choices for viewing in my opinion.

Finally, "guestbook-style" displays show the full text of messages on the main index page in a strict chronological manner.

"threaded guestbook-style" displays show an index page very similar to that of the "compressed" displays, but show the full text of all messages in a thread on a single page.)




Create a profile and tell other users about yourself.
The information you input into your profile will be accessible from any messages you post on a particular forum.

Use your profile to let other visitors know whatever you want to tell them about yourself, and the department you are with!

The profile can be edited as often as you like.

* NOTE * Once you have created a Profile it will not be visible, until you post a message in a forum. At that time the scripts activate the Profile for that forum.
For your Profile to be visible in every forum ... you will have to post a message in every forum.... You do not have to make a new profile for each forum.

For an example... click the view user profiles link and look at mine... mk _(OR)

F-Y-I ........Your profile name needs to be the name you use in your posts because it will automatically be entered anytime you go to post a message.

Simply click on the Create a Profile link at the top of any forum, fill out the form and input a password, then hit the edit profile link and see what it looks like. If you don't like it make your changes and when you are happy with it just click on the return to index link and you are finished.

*** Note... If you have already created a Profile, the scripts know it, so you will no longer see the Create a Profile link. Use the Edit Your Profile link to make changes.

Once you've created a profile, A password will be required to post under your profile (login) name, therefore no one else will be able to post under your name! Since your password is archived on your computer as a cookie.... you won't have to type it in every time you post a message. (Make a note of your password anyway)

If you'd like to include, within your profile, a picture of yourself, or your department patch, you can upload a graphic image directly from your own computer.

Just put the path to the file in the "Optional Graphic Upload" input box, below. (Use the "Browse" button if you're not quite sure where to find it.) The file must be in GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) format, and can be no larger than 20 kilobytes in size.



In Posts



Rescue-Net scripts will not allow the posting of HTML
within your messages.

Unfortunately, Spammers will post a great topic line, and then use the html option to try to run auto links and auto pop-up windows, in an effort to lure you into thier mindless world of whatever they are selling.

That isn't what this site is about, and I don't approve of spamming!!

Therefore.... At this time I have this option disabled.




Rescue-Net Forums have cookie support.
What does that mean to you?

When you post a message, your computer archives a cookie which stores some of the information you entered into the form. Next time you go to post a message your name and e-mail address will already be printed in the form fields. This cookie will also remember an Optional Link URL and Link Name if you entered one.

This is also how the scripts know who you are, when you come to the forum, and how many posts have been made since your last visit.

This is a great feature unless you like typing your e-mail address a lot.
If that is the case, simply backspace it out and retype it -
over and over and over




If you want to use a picture with your message:
you must upload your picture BEFORE you post your message.

Click the "upload it from your hard drive" link within any forum main page.
Press the Browse Button on the upload form which will open a window in your browser that will allow you to navigate your hard drive.....In this window you may have to change the "Files of type" to all files (*.*) in order to see the image files.
........ You may only upload image files ( .jpg or .gif ) ....Max size=100k....
Select the image file you wish to upload, and press the Open button.

The File will appear in the File to Upload box in the uploader form. 
When you are Satisfied with your selection...
Press the "Submit button" and the photo will upload.

Once you have submitted the image, you will see a screen showing that you were successful and you should also see the image you uploaded .
You will also see the full URL of your image now that it is uploaded.
Simply highlight your image URL, right click your mouse and select copy,
or write down the url for future reference.

Now you are ready to use your image in your next post.
Go to the forum you want to make a post in and click the
"Post New Message" link at he top of the page... or ...the "Post Reply" if you are replying to someones post.
Simply type your message and click your cursor into the
Optional Image URL box at the bottom of the form.
Right click your mouse and select "paste" and your image url will be entered.

Now preview your message.

If you have done everything correct you should see your image
with the message. If so... Post Your Message

If Not... review your message and make sure the image url is actually correct and entered in the correct location (Optional Image URL box).






Many of you may have never heard of Optimizing Images.
This is a feature available in many image utility programs like Adobe ImageMaker.

When you upload a picture to Rescue-Net you are limited to a picture size of 100k. This is actually a very large picture in data size, and to someone with a average internet connection speed, this image will load very slow. We've all been there...watching the screen for a full minute or two for a picture to fully load. Frustrating isn't it !!

Optimizing your photos removes extra pixels, that we really don't see anyway, and reduces the file size a lot, allowing the image to load much faster.

For example... The original (un-optimized) Rescue-Net logo image, that you see at the top of the main page, is a total of 154k in file size. Assuming an average connection speed of 28bps it will take well over 1 minute to see that image in full on your monitor. That is a long time to wait.

The optimized Rescue-Net logo (which is in use here) looks exactly like the original and the total file size is about 10k. That makes a total load time of 4 seconds at 28bps.

When you access the Rescue-Net main page, you should notice that the logo loads fairly quick even though you are loading the rest of the page at the same time.

So What is the point of all this......?

I encourage you to try to obtain software that allows you to optimize your photos. You will be able to upload great pictures that will load quick for the people viewing them. Search the internet with any search engine and use the search phrase "Optimizing Images" to learn more.

Here is a link to a site where you can
optimize your images for free !!

IMPORTANT.. always make a duplicate folder
of your images and only optimize from one folder !!
That way if you aren't happy with the results
you haven't overwritten the original !!

Optimizing your photos is a great feature!!


Have a

Bad Call?



We have all been there.
It's the call that hits you right where it hurts.
The one you will try to forget.
That will eat at you for the next few days, weeks, months, and sometimes years..

Everyone involved in any type of emergency services, from Dispatch to the ER
has memories of calls that were mentally difficult to live with.

This is what Rescue-Net is all about.

Come here and post a message and talk about it. Let us know you are hurting.
I promise you that the people who use this site can relate to this, and will be there to help support you in every way.
... as you would for any of them..

Copyright (c) 2000/2001/2002/2003/2004 Rescue-Net