What you can do at the Rescue-Net.com
resource and information exchange.

Rescue-Net is designed to make it easy for emergency services people
from around the world to share ideas and information within the forums.
This can become a fantastic and fun site for all ... if you help ...
by participating in the forums the next time you visit this site.

Posts about unique calls will make for interesting reading and great discussions.
Everyone can learn from each others experiences and it's easy to add photos within the posts.
Make sure to add a link to your departments web site if they have one.

Rescue-Net is designed for you to be able to see the forums anyway that you want to.

At the top of each forum you will see a link entitled "set preferences".
If you follow this link you will find that you may view the forum in a multitude of ways.
By default, it is set at "reverse threaded", however you may easily change the way you see it.

Also, you may choose the number of messages that you want to view when you come to the forum.
I recommend setting the time to 3 months for starters. If there is a lot of activity, reset it to 1 month and it will load faster for you. You may always change it back if you wish.

Build a user profile for yourself. When you do this, use the name that you want to post by,
and it will forever be yours, and yours alone. Once you create a profile, it will not become active until you post a message. Read the instructions carefully and write down your password for future reference.

Be notified by e-mail when someone replies to your post.
Simply check the box on the post message form when you write your message.

Preview your message for errors, before it is posted for everyone to read.
This gives you a chance to re-think what you are writing, and can keep you from looking like an idiot later.

Add a link to your home page with your message,
Simply enter the link URL in the message form, and give the link any title you want. (IE: my home page)

Rescue-Net allows you to add a picture with your message.
Many of you may not have a web page to put the picture on. Well that's no problem!!

Rescue-Net is designed to allow you to upload a picture (up to 100k) straight from your computer
to the Rescue-Net server, and will give you the location of your picture to enter in the form when you post.
It's much easier to talk about something that you can see, so show us pics of your fires, accidents, etc.

Spend some time looking through the department database.

There are some fantastic web pages out there, and a lot of great photos of stations, trucks, fires,
and areas that you are not familiar with.
Yes, I know there are some bad links. This changes every day, so please report any you find.
I spend a lot of time looking for links that don't work...... that is ... when I have time.

Look through the links on the "Information Links" page. There you will find great links for
education, research, and information on all kinds of things. I try to only list sites that have good content.

Check the "Events Calendar" for classes and events that you may be interested in.
Since it is very new, it may take a while to have a lot listed. Register to add events.

Make sure you sign the "Visitors Book".
Let us know you were here, where you are from, and what departments or agencies you are with.

Having Problems with something? Check out the "Help File". You will find more detail on many items there.
If you still don't find an answer, e-mail me with your problem and I'll try to help.

Use the drop-down menus to jump from one forum to another. This makes for easy navigation!!

Try out the Chat rooms. Chat times are 7pm eastern and 7pm pacifiic..
It's sort-of hit or miss on finding someone it there. OR.... bring a group with you. It's all yours to use.

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